Celtics lose to Nets after blowing a 28-point lead thanks to 6 steals


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The area of development and the open door comes in ensuring it doesn’t reoccur.”
Celtics Nets

The Celtics blew a major lead to the Nets on Friday. Barry Jawline/Globe Staff
By Tom Westerholm

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The Celtics dropped a 115-105 misfortune to the Nets on Friday, letting a 28-point first-half lead fall into a twofold digit misfortune.

Here are the focal points.

1. Friday’s misfortune was a terrible look and a botched open door to remain associated with the Bucks in the Eastern Gathering standings — Milwaukee currently leads by two games in the misfortune section.


All things considered, it was one misfortune. The Celtics got hot in the principal quarter, and their shot choice endured when they took an enormous lead. Awful shots transformed into void belongings, the Nets began to warm up, and the lead dissolved. The Celtics awakened, yet an excessive amount of energy had previously exchanged sides, and the Nets pulled away in the last part — driving by upwards of 16 in the final quarter.

Positioning of the Celtics’ most terrible games this season could have Friday’s down sandwiched between the 150-117 misfortune to the Thunder and the early-season misfortune to the Bulls, wherein Chicago revitalized from 19 focuses down to win by 18.

Jan 12, 2023; Brooklyn, New York, USA; Brooklyn Nets center Nic Claxton (33) looks to drive past Boston Celtics guard Derrick White (9) in the third quarter at Barclays Center. Mandatory Credit: Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Yet, the Celtics dominated the following match after their misfortune to the Thunder serenely, smacking the Freethinkers by almost 30 out and about. It was a decent assertion win — a sign that the Celtics perceived how ludicrous it was that they surrendered 150 focuses to a lottery group that didn’t actually have its top scorer accessible.

Terrible misfortunes occur and aren’t typically season-characterizing, regardless of whether they influence standings. Apparently, the Bucks won’t keep on dominating each match the remainder of the way. The Celtics need to (and can) dominate some matches to save themselves in dispute for the 1-seed, which would forestall a potential Game 7 in the Eastern Gathering Finals from occurring in Milwaukee.

“As far as I might be concerned, the area of development and the open door comes in ensuring it doesn’t repeat assuming we’re in that situation once more,” Joe Mazzulla said.


2. In the storage space after the game, a journalist asked Tatum what the Celtics were feeling. The correspondent advertised “outrage” and “skepticism” as potential outcomes.

“Doubt, no. We didn’t play well,” Tatum said with a laugh. “They played better compared to we did, and typically you lose. So it’s not mistrust. I couldn’t actually say whether it’s resentment. We play an excessive number of games to be irate. Continue on, and prepare for the following one. What will be will be, basically.”

Tatum is basically dead on, which is essential for the NBA’s concern at this moment. On the off chance that “heap the executives” truly is a worry, the issue isn’t that players are delicate (they aren’t) or that groups employ clinical experts who concentrate on the most proficient method to keep their players sound longer (that is really something to be thankful for). The issue is that the ordinary season is 82 games, and however long that is the situation, players will sit. Yet, in any event, when they play, there will be an excessive number of games in an excellent group’s season to terrible become stirred up more than one misfortune, regardless of how.

The Celtics can’t bear to become too stirred up about Friday’s misfortune. Friday is finished. They need to prepare for Sunday as of now.


3. Joe Mazzulla doesn’t simply believe the Celtics should shoot a ton of 3-pointers. He accepts the 3-point rate is “the most significant detail in the sport of b-ball, in view of the shot choice, and due to the capacity to go on runs.”

On Friday, the Nets produced 44 3-point field-objective endeavors, while the Celtics shot only 30. The two groups shot 31% from the field, yet the Nets produced 18 additional focuses behind the bend.

“At the point when you have out-chance by 14 threes, the likely focus there is urgent in light of the fact that that offers you way more chances, and that offers you more chances,” Mazzulla said. “Thus, as far as I might be concerned, I’m not exactly that shocked or stirred up about it on the grounds that an important lead in the primary half, in the present NBA with how offenses are, implies barely anything.”

To Mazzulla’s point, the distinction in the final part — when the Celtics’ lead dwindled and transformed into a shortage — was 23-12. To intensify matters, the Celtics just made two of their endeavors. That stalled the offense, while the guard permitted 26 free-toss endeavors (the Celtics took 20) and 13 hostile bounces back (the Celtics got nine). Mazzulla acknowledged Brooklyn’s exchanging guard too.

Yet, Mazzulla’s hostile way of thinking is clear: Produce 3-pointers as frequently as could really be expected.

“I really was more apprehensive at the start of the game since we shot fewer threes, and they were shooting more,” he said. “… We were scoring, however, it wasn’t on the grounds that we were making shots. It was on the grounds that we were getting layups, and they are a scientifically solid group.

“So I realized the tide planned to move since they planned to keep on shooting threes, and on the off chance that we didn’t play at a degree of shooting threes and getting hostile bounce back and dealing with the ball, that planned to set us back.”

4. Jaylen Brown got done with 35 focuses, five bounce back, four helps, and three takes shooting 15-for-27 from the field and 3-for-8 from 3-point range.

Brown said the Celtics were imprudent with Friday’s down.

“We had 19 turnovers — any time you got that many, that is an impression of being somewhat imprudent with the ball,” Brown said. “They shot a greater number of shots than us, and we ought to have been played the entire way through, yet we didn’t.”

5. In a disturbing second, Robert Williams asked out of the game in the final part and went directly to the storage space. The Celtics later declared that Williams was out with hamstring snugness.

Joe Mazzulla said he hadn’t yet spoken with Williams postgame.

6. The Nets managed the whole design of their group at the exchange cutoff time, and they have lost seven of their last 10 games. Their program has plenty of strong job players and little star power.

Yet, the early profits from newly securing Mikal Extensions are extremely encouraging. Spans set up 38 focuses, 10 bounce back, and four helps while shooting 13-for-22 from the field. Spans had just scored 30 focuses two times in his profession preceding Friday’s down, yet since joining the Nets, he has scored 45, 31, and presently 38. Add his fanatical (and noteworthy) accessibility and his guard, and the Nets seem to have gotten a phenomenal player with space to develop into a greater job.

Spans covered the Celtics with a whirlwind of layups, jumpers, and 4-for-6 3-point shooting. A journalist inquired as to whether scoring so a lot was especially fulfilling or strange after just garnishing 30 two times in his vocation.

“Nah, I mean, even in Phoenix, I wasn’t stumbling on my job by any means,” Extensions said. “I was simply proceeding to improve. I think when I got exchanged, it was somewhat with perfect timing since when everybody was out in Phoenix, I needed to take up another job disagreeably and be more forceful. When I got exchanged, I was simply in this extraordinary musicality, and I was certain. It was simply incredible timing.”

The Celtics will hope to return against the Knicks on Sunday, both from Friday’s outcome as well as their new misfortune at Madison Square Nursery.

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