The previous evening’s episode of The Last of Us took Ellie and Joel to one more new area: the calm, deliberate settlement of Jackson, Wyoming, effectively the most friendly spot they’ve been at this point. Joel at long last reunites with his sibling Tommy (Gabriel Luna) and meets his new spouse Maria (Rutina Wesley), a previous head prosecutor who’s currently a forerunner in Jackson. They’re anticipating their most memorable youngster.

Maria likewise showed up in Devious Canine’s The Remainder of Us computer game, where she was voiced by Ashley Scott. “Unnerving playing a person’s been laid out, despite the fact that its game,” Rutina told Diversion Week after week. “Yet, I additionally was up for the test of playing her in my manner and investing my effort on it to see what individuals would consider that.”

Now and then you can do a variation of something and it’s a duplicate of a duplicate. Some of the time it’s not entirely ideal. Yet, I felt here with The Last of Us, they truly have gotten an opportunity to fly with these storylines, regardless of whether they changed them a piece since it’s human individuals.

Rutina Wesley cherished playing Maria in The Last of Us
Maria establishes areas of strength for a; we first see her riding a pony as a feature of a threatening away party who circle Joel and Ellie, and later as a mother figure to Ellie. “I cherished Maria, especially in light of the fact that she’s a conceived pioneer,” Wesley said. “She’s wild and she has this quiet tranquility to her that I love. She’s the sort of lady that I portrayed, assuming she grins, you presumably just see it with her eyes. She won’t give you out-and-out Rutina honorary pathway teeth.”

It’s perfect to see a lady of that sort of height who is generally excellent with a firearm. She can ride a pony. She feels comfortable around this spot but she’s taking this youngster and trimming their hair and getting to know them. I love the juxtaposition of that in light of the fact that occasionally you think individuals there as a pioneer are not equipped for the other, and she’s entirely fit.

Maria inconspicuously cautions Ellie about Joel, about whom she’s heard a few disagreeable things from Tommy. Ellie disregards her, bringing up that Tommy likewise took part in a few disagreeable things with his sibling some time ago. “She confides in Tommy enough to not pose any inquiries, to simply allow him to do whatever he’s doing,” Wesley said. “That is the amount she cherishes that man and that is the amount she confides in him, however, she takes a gander at Joel with a tad of side-eye since she knows plenty of things about him.”

Rutina Wesley “energized” to be in The Last of Us season 2
Maria likewise has an impact in The Remainder of Us Part II computer game, so probably Wesley will be back for season 2 of the HBO show. Also, she sounds prepared.

“Damnation indeed, I’m energized,” Wesley said. “I’m anticipating something assuming they choose to come in my direction. I’m completely amped up for that since I had a great time playing with Gabe. He’s truly perfect.”

It would simply resemble good to beat all. Here it is because it is a colossal hit. So in the event that it didn’t work out, I’d be perfect with it since this show is great.

I figure we can securely accept she’ll be back.


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