Here are the top 10 news Today headlines for today, June 16, 2023:

  1. Explosions rock Kyiv as African peace mission visits Ukraine. At least two explosions were heard in Kyiv, Ukraine, on Wednesday, June 15, as an African Union delegation was visiting the city. The explosions were reportedly caused by Russian missiles.
    Explosions in Kyiv, Ukraine
  2. North Korea resumes missile tests, raising concerns about nuclear program. North Korea fired three ballistic missiles into the sea on Wednesday, June 15, in its first missile tests since May. The tests have raised concerns about North Korea’s nuclear program.
    North Korea missile test
  3. China building ‘Star Wars’-style supership, claims report. A report published by the South China Morning Post claims that China is building a “Star Wars”-style supership that could be used to project power around the world. The ship is reportedly being built at a shipyard in Shanghai.
    China's supership
  4. US and China to hold talks on trade and other issues. The United States and China are set to hold talks on trade and other issues on Thursday, June 16. The talks are expected to be difficult, as the two countries have been at odds over trade for several years.
    US and China trade talks
  5. European Union to ban Russian oil imports. The European Union is set to ban Russian oil imports in a move that is expected to further isolate Russia and damage its economy. The ban is expected to be announced on Friday, June 17.
    European Union ban on Russian oil imports
  6. Sri Lanka declares state of emergency. Sri Lanka has declared a state of emergency after days of protests over the country’s economic crisis. The state of emergency gives the government sweeping powers to crack down on dissent.
    Sri Lanka state of emergency
  7. Pakistan to hold general elections in October. Pakistan’s prime minister, Imran Khan, has announced that general elections will be held in October. The announcement comes amid political turmoil in the country.
  8. Hurricane Agatha makes landfall in Mexico. Hurricane Agatha made landfall in Mexico on Monday, June 13, as a Category 2 hurricane. The hurricane caused widespread damage in the state of Oaxaca.
    Hurricane Agatha in Mexico
  9. Thousands of people flee floods in Bangladesh. Thousands of people have fled their homes in Bangladesh after heavy rains caused widespread flooding. The floods have affected millions of people and have caused widespread damage.
    Floods in Bangladesh
  10. Monkeypox cases continue to rise in Europe and North America. The number of monkeypox cases continues to rise in Europe and North America. The World Health Organization has called an emergency meeting to discuss the outbreak.
    Monkeypox outbreak

These are just a few of the top news headlines for today, June 16, 2023. For more news, please visit your local news source.

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