HBO is killing it of late, no? The organization’s Down of High positions prequel series HOTD appeared to crowd and basic recognition last year, and presently the zombie shows The Last of Us is all the rage. What’s more, the fourth time of Progression is around the bend. Not terrible, television individuals.

There’s actually not an obvious explanation to set these triumphs in opposition t

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o one another… yet we’re going to at any rate. Nielsen just delivered its streaming viewership numbers for the seven-day stretch of Monday, January 16 through Sunday, January 22. The main episode of The Remainder of Us emerged on Sunday, January 15. So this period covers the primary entire week when the series debut of The Remainder of Us was accessible to watch, in addition to a couple of hours on Sunday night when watchers could take in Episode 2.

The outcome: The Last of Us was watched on HBO Max for 837 million minutes during this stretch. As indicated by Cutoff time, Place of the Mythical serpent was seen on HBO Max for 741 minutes during a similar two-episode period. The Last of Us wins!

The Last of Us gets higher appraisals than Place of the Mythical beast in its most memorable entire seven-day stretch of accessibility
Furthermore, that doesn’t count the 223 million minutes individuals spent watching The Remainder of Us series debut on Sunday, January 15, just before we moved into Monday and Nielsen’s began taking new estimations. Also, we ought to keep in mind — for The Last of Us and HOTD both — that these numbers reflect HBO Max viewings just; they don’t consider how many individuals are watching these shows directly on an ordinary television.

So, these numbers generally let us know what we definitely know: that both of these shows are triumphs. All things considered, they have a tall slope to climb to beat the most famous series on Netflix, which has three shows that looked for a billion minutes during this period. Look at the Main 10 rundown for January 16-22 beneath:

Ginny and Georgia (Netflix): 1.804 billion minutes observed
That ’90s Show (Netflix): 1.590 billion minutes observed
The Strolling Dead (Netflix): 1.103 billion minutes observed
Vikings: Valhalla (Netflix): 975 million minutes observed
Cocomelon (Netflix): 885 million minutes observed
The Last of Us (HBO Max): 837 million minutes observed
Wednesday (Netflix): 711 million minutes observed
Bluey (Disney+): 695 million minutes observed
NCIS (Netflix): 695 million minutes observed
Criminal Personalities (Netflix): 659 million minutes observed
That is a lotta television and we wouldn’t have it differently. The Streaming Conflicts proceed.


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