Netflix’s Live-Action Adaptation of One Piece: A ReviewOne Piece

Netflix recently released the first season of its live-action adaptation of the popular anime series One Piece. The show has been met with mixed reviews, with some critics praising its faithfulness to the source material and others criticizing its over-the-top cheesiness.

Here is a ranking of the episodes from worst to best, based on my own personal opinion:

Worst: Episodes 3 and 4, “Tell No Tales” and “The Pirates Are Coming”

These two episodes tell the story of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew’s visit to Syrup Village, where they meet a self-aggrandizing young man named Usopp. The plot is weak and the characters are underdeveloped, making this the weakest arc in the first season.

Best: Episode 10, “The Sea King’s Tears”

This episode is a standout for its stunning visuals and emotional storytelling. The episode follows Luffy and his crew as they rescue a mermaid named Camie from a group of pirates. The episode is full of action, adventure, and heart, and it is sure to please fans of the anime.

Other notable episodes:

  • Episode 7, “The Romance Dawn” – This episode introduces the main characters and sets the stage for the rest of the season.
  • Episode 8, “The Going Merry” – The crew sets sail on their ship, the Going Merry.
  • Episode 9, “Arlong Park” – The crew faces off against the villainous Arlong and his crew.

Overall, Netflix’s live-action adaptation of One Piece is a mixed bag. The show is faithful to the source material, but it also suffers from some pacing issues and over-the-top cheesiness. Fans of the anime will likely enjoy the show, but newcomers may be turned off by its quirks.

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