The main time of the House of the dragon broadcasted on HBO last year, and it was a quick hit. Set almost 200 years before the Round of High positions, it recounts the Targaryens, then at the level of their power as the undisputed leaders of Westeros. In any case, as the initial preamble tells us, the main thing that could destroy the place of the mythical serpent… was itself. Quite inauspicious, no?

We experienced that towards the finish of the time when the oldest little girl and oldest child of the late Lord Viserys I Targaryen came to the edge of a battle over which of them will succeed their dad on the Iron Lofty position. However, the vast majority of the time was devoted to investigating the development of that conflict, with the story unfurling throughout the span of numerous years.

The main season investigated a great deal, however in a story this muddled, some stuff will undoubtedly get left on the cutting room floor. For reasons unknown, HBO hasn’t delivered any of them, however, we have gotten glimpses, a large number of them incorporated on Reddit by megamindwriter. We should investigate!

Viserys tests Daemon to check whether he’s prepared to catch wind of the prescience

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In the principal episode, Ruler Viserys’ significant other Aemma bites the dust and Viserys names his little girl Rhaenrya as his successor. He educates her regarding a prescience including a dull winter where humankind will be jeopardized. Provided that the domain is joined can they endure what’s to come, which is the reason a Targaryen must be in power.

Before Viserys named Rhaenrya, his beneficiary was his more youthful sibling Daemon. In this erased scene, Viserys plays with enlightening Daemon regarding the prescience, yet sees that his hot-headed sibling isn’t open. It’s one more motivation behind why Viserys picks Rhaenrya as the main successor over Daemon.

Youthful Rhaenyra and Alicent contend in the godswood

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In this erased scene, Alicent Hightower would track down her closest companion Rhaenrya Targaryen in the godswood and they would have a battle. There are two or three erased scenes including these two, including…

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Rhaenrya assists Alicent with planning for her wedding to Lord Viserys
In this erased scene from Episode 2, Rhaenrya assists Alicent with getting dressed before Alicent weds Lord Viserys I Targaryen… who is Rhaenrya’s dad. It’s off-kilter.

The connection between Rhaenrya and Alicent is at the core of the show and I certainly might have utilized more scenes among them. I think scenes like these would have assisted make with detecting their ping-ponging pseudo-nemesis curve.

Lord Viserys enlists Criston Cole into the Kingsguard

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In one more erased scene from Episode 2, Lord Viserys officially makes Ser Criston Cole an individual from the Kingsguard. I would have gotten a kick out of the chance to keep this scene since it makes sense how much being a Kingsguard knight means to Criston Cole, which would assist with making sense of why he has a complete implosion some other time when he breaks his commitments by laying down with Rhaenrya.

Furthermore, coincidentally, there is no erased scene making sense of how he pulls off killing a person at a wedding in Episode 5. That one simply hangs there.

Rhaenrya plays with Child Aegon

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A few scenes on this rundown aren’t precisely “erased” to such an extent as never shot. For example, in the content for Episode 3, there’s a piece where Rhaenrya skips her child sibling Aegon on her lap and attempts to train him to articulate her name accurately, which can be hard enough for completely mature grown-ups to do. However, I don’t know whether it was at any point shot.

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That might have been a charming second. We realize Rhaenyra has an undecided outlook on her stepbrother since certain individuals in the realm believe that he’s the legitimate successor to the Iron Privileged position. At last, these two will battle over the high position, so it might have been fascinating to see them holding a piece in their more youthful days.

Daemon Targaryen plays with a male worker

In Episode 6, when Daemon is living with his better half Laena Velaryon and their twin girls in Pentos, we momentarily see him flirt with a male worker. Afterward, in a cut scene, they’re canoodling together. Daemon is really indecent with regards to cheating; Laena gets them and Daemon appears to be not to mind excessively.

We get better ganders at Dreamfyre and Sunfyre

In Episode 7, a large portion of our characters accumulate on Driftmark for the burial service of Laena Targaryen, and they bring their winged serpents. This is the greatest social event of mythical beasts in the season, however, we don’t get to some nearby ups, which appear to be legit; winged serpents are costly to energize.

However, in the first storyboards, we should get better ganders at Aegon’s mythical beast Sunfyre and Helaena’s winged serpent Dreamfyre. It would have been particularly cool to get a superior gander at Sunfyre since he should be the most gorgeous winged serpent alive in Westeros at that point.

We see Corlys Velaryon take his injury

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In Episode 8, we gain from Ser Vaemond Velaryon that his sibling Corlys has taken an injury doing combating in the Stepstones. This starts a strained stalemate over who ought to be proclaimed successor to Driftmark. In the first storyboards for the episode, we really see Corlys get harmed, as opposed to simply catching wind of it from Vermont.

Harrold Westerling affronts Criston Cole

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In Episode 9, after the passing of Ruler Viserys, his committee meets to conclude who ought to supplant him on the Iron High position. Things get tense and Criston Cole kills Expert of Coin Lyman Beesbury. Scandalized, Master Administrator of the Kingsguard Harrold Westerling really stops the Kingsguard and leaves the room.

In an erased scene, Harrold Westerling experiences Criston Cole later in the lobby. “The rodents in Red Keep have more distinction than you,” he tells him.

Daemon rehearses his sword fighting

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In one more erased scene, Daemon Targaryen rehearses his sword fighting. His mythical beast cap doesn’t have the huge padded crest it triumphed ultimately the last time we saw him wear it in the series debut, proposing he’s preparing for genuine conflict, not a competition. This most likely happens late in the season, when a battle between Rhaenrya and Aegon is approaching.

Rhaenrya and Daemon grieve their girl

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At long last, in the finale, the show cut a scene where Rhaenrya and Daemon momentarily grieve their girl, who was stillborn. Rhaenyra contemplates whether her passing was a sign from the divine beings.

Furthermore, those are a portion of the erased scene from the HOTD season 1! Ideally, HBO will step on it and really let us watch them at some point.


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