We’re just two episodes from the finish of The Last of Us… season 1. Fortunately, the zombie hit will get back to HBO for another season at some point down the line, and after how great this first season has been, I figure we can be in every way appreciative of that.

The Remainder of Us Episode 7 took somewhat of a break from the fundamental story to jump into Ellie’s past, showing us her relationship with her companion Riley, which didn’t end well. Episode 8, the penultimate episode, will return us to the present as Ellie attempts to keep an injured Joel alive.

What’s more terrible, it seems to be the marauders who harmed Joel have up to speed on them. Ellie has a few difficult decisions to make. Watch the trailer for “When We Are Out of luck” beloq:

Watch the trailer for The Remainder of Us Episode 8, “When We Are Out of luck”
Joel and Ellie have framed a near indivisible bond as of now, so I don’t see her turning on him and joining the gathering that set him here. However, what decision does he have battling against every one of them even as she attempts to keep Joel alive? As I said, difficult decisions.

We’ll need to endure a moment prior to find. New episodes of The Last of Us air Sunday evenings on HBO and HBO Max.


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