Watch The Boys Season 4’s Introductory Trailer.


Subtleties have been somewhat meager about the approaching fourth season of The Boys, Amazon Prime Video’s incendiary hero show. The next thing we’re anticipating from this universe is the Gen V school side project, but considering that The Boys season 4 is currently recording, there’s motivation to trust that we’ll get to watch that this year too.

We actually don’t know precisely when that is destined to be, yet Anthony Starr (from “Homelander”) has quite recently provided fans with their most memorable authority look at season 4. Another video presented on Starr’s Instagram contains a lot of clues about how Homeland and Vought will respond to the enormous occasions of season 3, conveyed by shiny new Vought President Ashley Barrett (Colby Minifie):

Vought will enlist new legends and conceal Dark Noir’s passing in The Boys season 4


You need to give it to The Boys: Eric Kripke and his group work effectively of staying up with the latest. I can’t be the one in particular who chortled when they discussed how endorsers of “Vought+” were up following Homelander’s latest PR trick of freely killing a person for offending his child while a group rooted for him for residing his reality.

There are fascinating things to parse from this secret about what’s coming in The Boys season 4. The mystery indicates that Vought will attempt to conceal Dark Noir’s (Nathan Mitchell’s) passing by guaranteeing he’s on a mysterious mission abroad. Noir was killed by Homelander late in season 3, following the revelation that he knew Trooper Kid (Jensen Ackles) was Homeland er’s dad. However, Homelander killing one more member of the Seven would be bad for PR, so Vought is telling a useful lie.

Another fascinating goody is that Vought is hoping to select new legends following the “demise” of Maeve (Dominique McElligott), which makes it sound like Vought doesn’t know she endured the conflict with Warrior Kid during the season 3 finale. Ashley also mentions Starlight, who has a major “deceiver” stepping on her image; most likely, Starlight is still on the run and working with the Young men.

The Boys and Gen V will highlight a few hybrids; the side project is set between seasons 3 and 4 of the mothership show. Perhaps a piece of that hybrid will include Vought investigating expected new individuals from the Seven among school-matured supes?

Unfortunately, one thing excluded from the latest secret is a delivery date of any sort. In any case, certainly, the way that Amazon is putting out little trailers like this is a decent sign. We’ll watch out for delivery dates for both The Boys and Gen V as they’re reported.




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