Watch the trailer for “Please Hold My Hand,” the fourth episode of The Last of Us.


This evening’s new episode of The Last of Us was effectively the boldest, generally moving yet. Quite a bit of it zeroed in on Straightforward and Bill, a couple of characters we hadn’t met previously and likely won’t see once more. In any case, one week from now, Ellie and Joel will be all alone and out and about.


Or if nothing else, that is the means by which things will begin. However, as the trailer shows us, they’ll before long run into inconvenience. Look at it

Fanatics of The Last of Us computer game will presumably perceive the scene where a man asks Joel to dial back and help him, just for Joel to firearm it and attempt to muscle through; he’s seen this sort of stunt previously.

When does The Last of Us Episode 4 air?
The Last of Us began solid and is just

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picking up speed as it goes, with Episode 3 pipes new close-to-home profundities for the show. On the off chance that that is the sort of feeling we can expect, then, at that point, the remainder of the time could obliterate me.

The Last of Us season 1 is nine episodes long; there are six remaining. Will Joel track down his sibling? Will he get Ellie under the control of the Fireflies, who can utilize her insusceptibility to blend a fix to the zombie torment that has pulverized society? Will we at any point quit crying over Episode 3? These responses and more as the season goes on.





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