The full trailer for “The Little Mermaid” has finally come up for air,

Following a tease in September at its D23 Expo, Disney unveiled

The new film, due in theaters May 26, is a remake of Disney’s animated classic

It opens with the harrowing storm that throws the swashbuckling Prince Eric

“It’s what I live for,” Ursula promises, as the two strike a deal swapping the mermaid’s voice for human legs.

The trailer also re-creates Atlantica, the mer-people’s colorful underwater world, Ariel’s iconic hair flip and the romantic-but-problematic “Kiss the Girl” boat scene.

Also among the star-studded “Mermaid” cast are Daveed Diggs as Sebastian

The new movie musical is directed by Rob Marshall

who won two Oscars for the music of the original film

I hope they do but I cannot wait for people to see a little sneak peek of something tonight.”

“Alan Menken and Lin-Manuel Miranda are a wonderful duo